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"Monsters are our children. They can be pushed to the farthest margins of geography and discourse, hidden away at the edges of the world and in the forbidden recesses of our mind, but they always return. And when they come back, they bring not just a fuller knowledge of our place in history and the history of knowing our place, but they bear self-knowledge, human knowledge - and a discourse all the more sacred as it arises from the Outside. These monsters ask us how we perceive the world, and how we have misrepresented what we have attempted to place. They ask us to reevaluate our cultural assumptions about race, gender, sexuality, our perception of difference, our tolerance toward its expression. They ask us why we have created them."

- Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, “Monster Culture: Seven Theses” (via theagonistes)


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Chet Baker — September Song - 1959

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Quick Warning 

I’m pretty efficient when it comes to tagging anything that might be triggering, but just in case I’ve missed anything this next month, October, is going to be a kind of horror/gore heavy month. There’s for sure a lot of flowers and Jewelry, but just incase. Please let me know if I’ve missed anything. 

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